British Police Find £5Million in Gangs London Apartment


British Police Find £5Million in Gangs London Apartment

Police found more than £5 million at an apartment in London after a gang said they “didn’t know what to do with it”.

The event marked the Metropolitan Police’s largest-ever seizure of cash and the money was found in several different places including in carrier bags, under a bed, and scattered around the floor.

Sky News reports that the pandemic “really exacerbated their problem of how to get rid of money.”

The flat was found following a long-running police operation set up to focus on gang crime and drugs.

Money laundering gang sentenced over £5 million cash-seizure which is Met's  biggest ever - MyLondon

Detective Superintendent Jason Prins who led the team that made the discovery said, “This is the largest ever single cash seizure by the Met and I believe one of the largest ever nationally.

“In the flat, there was money everywhere you went — under the beds, in cupboards, and on the floor. They couldn’t even hide it. It was a money-laundering hub for a number of crime groups.”