Cardi B appears to beat down fan with mic during onstage scuffle at Wireless Festival

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Cardi B appears to beat down fan with mic during onstage scuffle at Wireless Festival

Cardi B appears to use her mic to beatdown a fan who rushed the stage during her performance at Wireless Festival.

Fans are getting out of hand, and artists are not afraid to defend themselves against the fans. A new video shows Cardi B fighting a fan who crashed her performance during the recent Wireless Festival in London, United Kingdom.

Videos of the incident have since gone viral, with the rapper appearing stunned at the intrusion and then using her mic to knock back the disruptive fan.

The video posted by The Neighborhood Talk shows the 29-year-old Bronx rapper in a black see-through leotard performing, but within seconds she is seen defending herself after getting surprised by an unseen person on stage. Cardi B was seen defending herself and using her mic to hit the person during her on Friday at the Wireless Festival in London. The screen goes black, leaving social media users clueless as to what happened.

According to reports, the person on stage grabbed hold of Cardi B’s hair, prompting her to react by using the mic to hit them.

As she swings at the person, fans in the crowd appear shocked at the rapper’s behavior, while others share their support by chanting, “Cardi! Cardi! Cardi!”

Cardi B did not seem affected by the entire thing as she shared several clips from her performance at Wireless and thanked collaborator Megan Thee Stallion and her husband, Offset, for the support, but she did not mention the incident on her account.

“Let me tell y’all something..WIRELESS LONG ASSS STAGE AINT NO JOKE !!! You need lots of stamina.THANK YOU TO MEGA MILLION MEGAN @theestallion & HUBBINGTON @offsetyrn for rocking with me !!” She wrote on Instagram.

She also updated her Instagram Stories showing her and her hubby saying fast food after the event.

Meanwhile, new videos from different angles were shared online showing a partygoer attempting to snatch the mic from Cardi but instead, they get several slaps to the face with the metal device.

Fans who attended the event explained what took place.

“I was there, the fan was yanking her she requested to let go. The fan declined and met Belcalis from the Bronx. Case closed your honor !!” one fan wrote.

Cardi B also tweeted a message, “don’t believe everything you see,” she tweeted.

The Bronx rapper has not directly addressed the incident.