Businessman gunned down in fronk KFC in Sange Grande

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Businessman gunned down in fronk KFC in Sange Grande

A 43-year-old Sangre Grande businessman was gunned down while sitting in his vehicle outside Xtra Plaza in Turure, Sangre Grande, on Thursday night.

According to police reports Andy Cudjoe was shot dead as he sat inside his Xtrail outside KFC, where he had gone to purchase a meal with a woman and a child.

Around 6.45 pm, Cudjoe reportedly parked his vehicle outside and the woman and child went into the restaurant. However, police said an Almera pulled alongside Cudjoe’s vehicle and two armed gunmen got out and sprayed Cudjoe with bullets.

Nearby bystanders scampered for safety when they heard the gunshots.

Cudjoe was shot in his head, chest and about the body. Cudjoe slumped to the left side front passenger seat and died on the spot.

Police said Cudjoe was formally from Biche but was currently residing in Wallerfield.

Management of Xtra Foods Supermarket and other business places on the compound closed early as a result of the incident.

Officers from the Eastern Task Force searched the Turure area for several hours after the incident but were unable to find the suspects.

Investigations are being continued by officers from the Arouca Homicide Bureau Region 2.