Body of semi-nude man found in Belmont


Body of semi-nude man found in Belmont

A man was found in a family’s backyard in Belmont on Monday morning.

Reports state the man was semi-nude as he was only clad in a blue vest. A family made the discovery around six o’clock this morning at McKai Lands in Belmont, which is close to the lookout on Lady Young Road.

Around about 1:00a.m residents said they heard several loud explosions. Upon checking, they saw a man running away from the scene into the bushes close to the roadway. The body was then found in a neighbour’s yard this morning.

Reports indicate that the body bore marks of violence, and that the man may have been bludgeoned to death. A bloodied stone was found close to the body.

A vehicle was found abandoned with its engine still running a short distance away, parked along the Lady Young Road.

The man is yet to be identified.