Beyonce removes profile pics from social media and fans think new music is coming

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Beyonce removes profile pics from social media and fans think new music is coming

Beyoncé might be up to something. Try to stay calm. As of Friday (June 10), the 40-year-old superstar has deleted her profile pictures across her social media accounts, including Twitter, Instagram and TikTok — and suffice to say, fans have their theories about what it all means.

Namely, members of the BeyHive are certain that new music is on its way, which, if they’re correct, would mean that Beyoncé is gearing up for her first official release in six years. Though she’s spent the past couple years guesting on other artists’ songs (see: her Grammy-winning appearance on Megan Thee Stallion’s “Savage”) and working on music for film — from visual albums for 2019’s Lion King remake to contributing original track “Be Alive” to 2o21’s King Richard — the singer hasn’t released anything exclusively of her own since 2016’s Lemonade.

As some fans pointed out, however, the releases of her most recent projects were preceded by similarly mysterious social media activity from Bey. “The last time she did this was in 2016. In the space of just 48 hours, Beyoncé deleted her branding, released ‘Formation’ and announced a fifth world tour,” tweeted one fan, quoting an article written by another fan for The Tab. “Be scared. It looks like we’re in for a wild weekend.”

It’s true — just a day before her 2016 Super Bowl Halftime performance with Coldplay, she surprise dropped “Formation” as a single and then announced her tour of the same name. And months before Lemonade‘s arrival, the multi-hyphenate performer would post cryptic hints about its impending release on social media, including a photo of her with lemons.

Before that, though, came her self-titled fifth studio album, which she dropped without any warning whatsoever in 2013. “If Beyoncé drops an album tonight at midnight I’m unavailable for the rest of the month!” wrote another fan in response to the profile picture debacle.

Others, though, aren’t convinced new music is coming at all. These nonbelievers speculate the profile picture disappearances instead indicate everything from a Beyoncé NFT collection announcement to a new line of Ivy Park products to absolutely nothing at all. “Sometimes I think Beyonce does shit to just shake up the world,” tweeted another fan. “Like she took them pictures down and went to sleep.”

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