Bandit shot and killed in El Dorado

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Bandit shot and killed in El Dorado

A bandit was shot and killed during an attempted robbery in El Dorado on Saturday morning.

He has been identified as Lenardo Borel, of Saddle Road, Maraval.

According to police reports, at 12.50 am the victim, the holder of a licenced firearm was liming at Caura Royal Road, El Dorado in company with a friend when a white Nissan Tiida stopped in front of them and a man dressed in a blue hoodie, blue three-quarter jeans and a blue face mask, approached them with a firearm and announced a robbery.

The victim drew his licenced firearm and discharged several rounds. The suspect then fell to the ground and the white Tiida sped off, north along Caura Royal Road.

The scene was processed and a revolver with 5 rounds of .38 ammo belonging to the deceased was recovered along with five rounds of 9mm ammo casings.