Aunt of kidnapped girl says suspect is a Councillor’s son

Aunt of kidnapped girl says suspect is a Councillor’s son

The man who was arrested for the attempted kidnapping of a ten-year-old girl on Wednesday was released on $500 bail this morning.

According to a relative, the accused is the son of a Point Fortin Councillor and she believes that he may have used his position to influence his son’s judgement.

The relative who spoke to IzzSo News said, “Look how many children disappearing from this country, what if he had grabbed her? Justice is not being served and I don’t know who else to reach out to.”

She said her niece did not go to school today as the incident has left her traumatized.

On Wednesday morning, the 10-year-old student of Fanny Village Government Primary School was walking to school. A man emerged from a black van that was parked in a side street close to the school and told the girl, “Come here”.

When she said no, he tried to grab her shirt. She ran toward a parent who witnessed the incident. The aunt said that the man almost hit the parent but instead, the 23-year-old suspect got into his van and drove off.

The police and the child’s mother were called in and they were taken to the Point Fortin Police Station to make a report. Based on investigations, the man was arrested and charged.

Today, the suspect appeared in Court to answer to the charge of assault. The girl’s aunt is stating that the sentence is unfair. She said, “There is something that is happening in this country; I believe these people are targeting poor people who can’t defend themselves. It is a good thing we are a praying family. I just want the country to know that this is not right.”

She said the mother will return to the Point Fortin Police Station today to determine what else can be done.