WATCH: Fuad Khan likens COVID testing to a pyramid scheme

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WATCH: Fuad Khan likens COVID testing to a pyramid scheme

“I really can’t understand why people who have no symptoms, (maybe) only a little sniffles, only running to get tested in private labs. Why are you doing that?”

That is the question being asked by former Barataria/San Juan MP, Dr Fuad Khan.

In a video posted to social media, Khan slammed the business community for calling for a State of Emergency, saying that “Covid has now become a way of life in T&T and no SoE, no lockdown, can change the fact that people who have comorbidities, and yes, obesity is a form of comorbidity… those people have to protect themselves.”

He said the more people go to get tested, when they are showing mild to no symptoms, the more the infection rate will rise and the longer the country will have to remain in punishing restrictions such as the SoE and curfew.

Khan said Covid testing is a pyramid scheme as one person, who may be negative or positive gets tested, then all contacts linked to that person have to get tested.
He said the more you test, the more the numbers go up.
Khan implored that only people who have symptoms go to get tested.