ASP Guy-Alleyne: Stop sharing videos of domestic violence

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ASP Guy-Alleyne: Stop sharing videos of domestic violence

Do not post or share heinous videos of domestic violence.
That’s the message from Head of the Gender-Based Violence Unit ASP Claire Guy-Alleyne, following the viral spread of a video showing a Cunupia man beating a woman.

The thirty-second video showed the man beating the woman near a wall in a poorly lit area.

Police from the Cunupia Police Station later went in search of the man and in a second viral video, (which we have attached below) the officers enter the man’s house.
The man told the police that the beating incident took place three years ago and that the woman in it, left him seven months ago,

ASP Guy-Alleyne, speaking to GML, said the couple was well-known to the police and that the entire country was traumatised after seeing the video of the vicious beating.

She said the woman had been referred to the Victim and Witness Support Unit of the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service and could not give any further details on the matter since an investigation was underway.

Guy-Alleyne said “We are asking family members not to post any heinous videos because it sends the country into shock and trauma. It also places a lot of trauma on the victim and even other victims of abuse feel trauma. This is a traumatic experience.”

The ASP said it was better to bring the information to the Gender-Based Violence Unit.