Angostura drops new White Oak Pineapple and preps launch of carbonated soft drink

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Angostura drops new White Oak Pineapple and preps launch of carbonated soft drink

The House of Angostura has dropped a brand new White Oak flavour, the White Oak Pineapple Flavoured Rum.

Now available nationwide in 750 ml bottles, acting CEO Ian Forbes said the new flavour made from real pineapple “unearths a rich tropical flavour”.

He adds that “The bold and refreshing blend of signature smooth White Oak and the irresistible crisp and fruity taste of Pineapple is reminiscent of the Caribbean.”

White Oak already comes in several flavours, including Sorrel, Coconut, Watermelon and Pink Grapefruit.

Mr. Forbes expects the new flavour to be a huge success, stating that “With the easing of restrictions on some islands, we wanted to give persons a little taste of island life”.

Angostura is also preparing to introduce its new Carbonated Soft Drink (CSD) brand, called Angostura Chill.

Angostura Chill replaces the Angostura LLB brand and features a flavour you know and love; Lemon Lime and Bitters.

According to Angostura, Chill’s target audience are young urbanites between 18 and 29 years old who are simply seeking fun and relaxation as a reward for their socially busy lifestyle.

“They value convenience as it suits their day-to-day routines, but don’t want to compromise on ingredients or flavour,” Angostura stated.

Angostura said the young urbanites want to be inspired not sold to.

“They enjoy having the freedom to elevate their drinks easily, discover new flavours or quickly consume on the go,” it stated.

“They want a drink that is a refreshing change of pace that is something to appreciate with their friends, not just mindlessly gulp,” it stated.

All of Angostura Chill’s flavours will be available to consumers in 275ml glass bottles and 237ml cans.

Only Lemon Lime and Bitters will be available in the 355ml cans.

In a GML interview, Hema Ramkissoon the Executive Manager—Marketing at Angostura said, “This is a decision we did not take lightly. We took a long, hard look at what the future of this brand is going to be and where we are going to be as a company.”

She said the goal is for Angostura to be known for its innovation.

“We want to hold true to the fact that this is the same LLB there is no formula change, we still are the brand that you love. We are still the drink that you love,” she said.

“When you think of the name chill itself. What epitomises T&T other than the word chill. You think of our Carnival celebrations, our cocktail making skills. We are just chill in our DNA. So what better way to take our norms, our culture, our messaging, our communication to the world than something that is so Trini,” she said.

Ramkissoon said the aim is to take Angostura Chill global.

The suggested retail price for Angostura Chill cold is $6.