Andrea Meza, Miss Mexico Crowned Miss Universe 2021


Andrea Meza, Miss Mexico Crowned Miss Universe 2021

One of the most sought for and the most admired beauty pageants among ladies from all across the globe, the Miss Universe Beauty Pageants 2020-21 aired on 16th May 2021 all the way from Hollywood, Florida.  Miss Mexico Andrea Meza was crowned the winner of Miss Universe 2021 Pagent tonight. While India’s Adline Castelino reached the top 10 and was the third Runner up.

Click the link below to view the crowning of Miss Mexico:

During the final statement round, Miss Mexico was asked to address the topic of changing beauty standards.

“We live in a society that more and more is more advanced and as we have advanced as a society, we have advanced with stereotypes,” she shared via a translator. “Nowadays, beauty is not only the way we look. For me, beauty radiates not only in our spirits but in our hearts and the way we conduct ourselves. Never permit someone to tell you that you are not valuable.”


Andrea Meza, is a Mexican activist who has been working on women’s rights and the eradication of gender violence. Here’s a photo of her national costume:

While former Miss Universe Zozibini Tunzi from South Africa became the longest-reigning Miss Universe due to the considerable delay due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Tunzi said in a statement, “I always knew that my reign as Miss Universe would be unlike any other. While it was nothing like what I had imagined my year to be, this year has opened doors for me I could never have imagined.I am so grateful for the opportunity to connect virtually with people all over the world and elevate the causes I care most about.”

Let’s see the full winner list of Miss Universe Pagent:

Miss Mexico Andrea Meza was declared the winner of the beauty pageant on a glittery night.

Miss Brazil Julia Gama was the first runner-up for the night.

Miss Peru Janick Maceta bagged the second runner-up position.

Miss India Adline Castelino became the third runner-up.

Miss Dominican Republic Kimberly Jimenez was declared the fourth runner up.

The Miss Universe 2020 Impact Award was bagged by Miss Bolivia Lenka Nemer. Miss Myanmar was chosen as the winner for the National Costume award 2020-21. The Carnival Spirit Award was presented to Miss Dominican Republic Kimberly Jimenez.

The pageant has also drawn criticism in the past for objectifying the contestants.

In recent years, the competition has shifted image, focusing more on female empowerment and activism.