Andrea’s skull was fractured

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Andrea’s skull was fractured

The second autopsy conducted by Professor Hubert Daisley allegedly showed that 23 year old Andrea Bharatt was hit with a blunt object to her head.

According to a Facebook live done by activist Inshan Ishmael, “Andrea Bharatt was struck on the forehead with something blunt and when she was hit she fell back and her skull fractured which caused haemorrhaging.”

”It has to be verified whether Bharatt was raped or not. The report suggested that within a week, this will be determined after samples were taken.”

According to Ishmael, “Professor Daisley noted that there was an area of her arm where they found punctures or needle marks. Professor Daisley has to confirm whether it was done during the first autopsy or during her untimely ordeal.”

Unconfirmed reports also states that “there was an area of her stomach that appeared discolored which showed that Bharatt was not fed for a long time or she was not eating.”