Andre 3000 is bringing his latest album to the big screen

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Andre 3000 is bringing his latest album to the big screen

Andre 3000 is ready to bring his latest album to the big screen, adding a visual element to its atmospheric sonics.

On Tuesday (January 16), the OutKast legend’s creative company, A Myriad of Pyramids, shared a joint post with IMAX on social media to announce a one-night-only event built around New Blue Sun.

Described as a “Cinematic Album Listening Event & Live-Stream Q&A,” the gathering will take place on the night of January 23 across 22 movie theaters in the United States.

Though the exact details of the Atlanta native’s involvement haven’t been specified, it seems like he will join the audience through a video call to answer questions.

André 3000 released his long-awaited debut solo album last month, on which he ditched rapping to showcase his talents as a flutist.

Despite giving fans enough notice that the package would not offer any bars like the work he is best known for, many listeners were still disappointed by the ambient instrumental tunes given the 17-year wait since his last full-length release, OutKast’s Idlewild in 2006.

During a recent interview with CBS Mornings, 3 Stacks shared his thoughts on the reactions to New Blue Sun while remaining sympathetic toward people’s expectations.

“Even on the artwork, it says, ‘No bars,’ so if you’re disappointed, man, I don’t know what else I could do,” he said. “I don’t like that people are upset a little bit about it.

“If I were waiting for a thing for 17 years, a certain thing that I’m looking for and something else shows up, I’d probably be upset too. To be a rapper, you gotta be rapping. I haven’t been rapping, like I don’t hang around the studio.”

He added: “I don’t sit and try to rap every day like when I was younger, and that’s all I did. I miss those times a lot, but life changes, life moves on.”