Covid now referred to as ‘Long Covid’ as new symptoms emerge

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Covid now referred to as ‘Long Covid’ as new symptoms emerge

The COVID-19 virus is continuing to present challenges to health experts.

Chief Medical Officer Roshan Parasram said once thought of as a lung-based pathology in the early days of the pandemic, the virus has been presenting new clinical symptoms as time goes by.

Speaking at the Covid Media Update on Wednesday morning, he said that the effects of the virus are now taking months to recover from.

Dr Parasram said that they expect to see additional symptomology as it relates to Covid.

According to a report on the BBC, so far the focus has been on saving lives during the pandemic, but there is now a growing recognition that people are facing long-term consequences of a Covid infection.

Yet even basic questions – such as why people get long Covid or whether everyone will fully recover – are riddled with uncertainty.

There is no medical definition or list of symptoms shared by all patients – two people with long Covid can have very different experiences.

According to the report, other symptoms include breathlessness, a cough that won’t go away, joint pain, muscle aches, hearing and eyesight problems, headaches, loss of smell and taste as well as damage to the heart, lungs, kidneys, and gut.

Dr. Andre Earle who was also present at the conference discussed blood clots as an additional symptom of Covid-19.

Mental health problems have been reported including depression, anxiety, and struggling to think clearly.

Dr. Parasram said yesterday that a unit to treat with long Covid sufferers will come on board soon.


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