Latest Covid death is victim under 25-years old

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Latest Covid death is victim under 25-years old

Dr. Maryam Abdool-Richards, Principal Medical Officer at the Ministry of Health revealed that the latest Covid death was a victim who was under 25-years-old.

She said the death occurred sometime between Monday’s media conference and Wednesday morning.

Dr. Abdool-Richards said, “While this was an exceptional situation and circumstance, and the person had pre-existing medical conditions, this is a warning sign to our population that Covid-19 strikes all persons.”

She expressed condolences to the family of the patient.

Dr. Abdool-Richards reminded the public about the Covid-19 regulations that were implemented to keep citizens safe such as wearing masks properly, ensuring social distance while congregating, and avoiding parties and other social activities.

The total number of Covid deaths as of Wednesday morning is 106.