Alexander says UNC weak and refuses Kamla’s call for smaller parties to join

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Alexander says UNC weak and refuses Kamla’s call for smaller parties to join

Political leader of the Progressive Empowerment Party (PEP) Phillip Alexander has refused a call by opposition leader, Kamla Persad-Bissessar, for other smaller political parties to join the UNC to help get into power.

In a statement on Monday, Alexander said Persad-Bissessar in her speech at the UNC’s National Congress on Sunday just showed how out of touch she was with citizens even as she called for discussions with smaller groups and persons who did not wish to be politically inclined but wants to contribute to Trinidad and Tobago.

He said, “She could feel like Hulk but in truth her leadership is a bunch of weak men and women that the PNM has been allowed to bully and get their way with every time.

:Two Attorneys General that have flouted the law continue to eat cabinet food and drink cabinet wine. A Prime Minister doing what he wants with law and rights of citizens and nothing of substance from the elected opposition. Corruption runs amok in the land and the opposition sits quiet, mute and powerless,” Alexander said.

He added that citizens needed “real champions” to break the PNM, as under her leadership, the PNM was allowed to infiltrate on the independence of positions that were supposed to be.

He said the motions raised against her and the National Executive team by her own members should be a red flag to the others.

“There can be no unity with someone who is too disconnected to understand the feelings of the country. It is either she is delusional or surrounded by people talented enough that they can convince her that the UNC still commands the authority of those opposed,” Alexander said as he predicted more losses for the party.

The UNC also cannot blame the PNM for corruption as the UNC too was corrupt and “broke the public trust every chance they were given as well,” he claimed.

Alexander said, “No thanks Kamla. On behalf of the growing mass of disenchanted citizens of every creed and race fed up of the politics of race and division who want a better country, the Progressive Empowerment Party says no thanks.”