Alexander: Persad-Bissessar mishandled No-Confidence motion and needs to retire from politics

Alexander: Persad-Bissessar mishandled No-Confidence motion and needs to retire from politics

Phillip Edward Alexander, former political leader of the Progressive Empowerment Party (PEP), is of the view that UNC leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar should retire from active politics, after what he described as her mishandling of a waste of time motion that was always destined to backfire.

Speaking of her motion of no-confidence in National Security Minister Stuart Young on Wednesday, Alexander said the only salvation for the UNC and the only hope for the country to have an alternative to the government with the strength to challenge the PNM, is for her and her advisors to be removed or the supporters of the UNC need to find somewhere else to put their support.

He said “Kamla CANNOT win another election no matter how much some may want it.”

In a social media post, Alexander said “the course correction the opposition needs to build itself into a credible response to the rampaging PNM, is fresh blood at the helm, with the strength and capacity to take on the PNM and beat them. Kamla cannot do that.”

“Her judgement over time has become flawed. Her contributions predictable and limping. The party under her leadership has become weak and voiceless.
She gets the reflection all absolute tyrants do, that of persons beholding to her for their positions and who dare not disagree with whatever the prevailing feeling is at the time, so she seldom gets the truth or a proper read of reality from which to make informed decisions or judgements.”

Alexander said yesterday’s motion was a foolish, stupid move and if she had one advisor of substance they would have told her so.

“The democracy requires a strong opposition yet the government was allowed to mishandle the virus and manhandle the population almost with impunity.
Yesterday’s late response to the ad hoc dictatorial handling of the travel exemption by minister Young was not only months too late, but was the absolute wrong play.
The UNC members came across unprepared and lost. The debate meandered, leaving fence sitters to agree with government interruptions calling for relevance.”

“The motion was no confidence in his handling of the exemption. Where were the statistics and testimonies of victims? Where were the comparisons between all who got in and those left out? Where were the numbers from other countries? Contributions from world opinions?
Instead we were treated to a school yard argument with ‘miss’ having to intervene time and again.”

Alexander said “In the absence of fact to bolster the motion the government members were able to shoot from the hip and destroy the contributions one by one.

He said the supporters on both sides will look to whatever wins as a win, but this motion failed the nation, weakened an already struggling opposition, damaged the fortunes of the UNC, and embarrassed Kamla herself.
“We do not need an opposition bitching about government bullying. We need one that they cannot bully.” The country needs a strong opposition.”

He said “For that to become reality, Kamla Persa- Bissessar needs to vacate the leadership and allow all comers to throw their hats into the ring and give the members and supporters the opportunity to choose their next champion. Otherwise the UNC will become the PNM’s greatest asset, not able to challenge for government and blocking all others from challenging as well.”