Airports Authority assures all health and safety protocols in place

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Airports Authority assures all health and safety protocols in place

The travelling public is being reassured by the Airports Authority of Trinidad and Tobago, that it has implemented—and continues to operate—several health and safety protocols at both national airports—the Piarco International Airport in Trinidad, and ANR Robinson International Airport in Tobago.

This reassurance follows recent complaints by travellers, who complained that there were no anti-COVID measures in place at the Tobago airport, from what they could see.

The AATT asserts that they implemented those protocols “under the guidance and direction of the Ministry of Health, to protect travellers from the spread of COVID-19”.

“The Authority continues to be attentive and diligent in the observance and adoption of international best practice as it relates to passenger safety at our airports. We also continue to be guided by the Ministry of Health in implementing measures to reduce the risks of the spread of the COVID-19,” the AATT release stated.

The Airports Authority also points out that both the Piarco and ANR Robinson International Airports recently received Airport Health Accreditation from Airport Council International (ACI).

“The ACI Accreditation programme provides airports with an official assessment of how aligned their health and safety protocols and procedures are—introduced as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic—in accordance with International Civil Aviation Organization’s (ICAO) Council Aviation Restart Task Force (CART) recommendations,” the AATT notes.

The AATT reiterates the following safety protocols are operational:

● At airport facilities, the Authority has installed several hand sanitisation stations and social distancing markers and have implemented stringent cleaning and disinfection protocols.

● Health screening of all travellers occurs at both airports. Highly sophisticated automated thermal scanners, monitored by Port Health Officers, are located at the entrances of all Departure Lounges, and are suitably positioned to capture the temperature reading of each traveller. The thermal screening cameras may not be immediately observed by passengers at the security check points. Passengers are only alerted if temperature readings are above the sanctioned threshold.

● Public Service Announcements and prominent signage are features within the Terminal Buildings to remind airport users to observe social distancing, sanitise hands, wear masks and practise other COVID-19 prevention protocols. Floor markings also provide guidance on social distancing in queues and general areas.