79 from Grenada to return this week

79 from Grenada to return this week

Minister of National Security confirmed that 79 persons will be returning home this week.

He said the Ministry has received over 4,500 applications. with 1,000 of those being from the United States.

He said the next countries to be identified are Canada, United Kingdom, Europe and the Middle East.

He said persons wishing to return should indicate if they can pay for their own quarantine or if they will need to be housed in State quarantine.

Since March 23, Young said 4,515 persons have been granted exemptions to return to the country.

Those persons returned from Barbados, Surnime and Guyana.

He said he has also been in contact with the United States in terms of repatriating T&T nationals.

He said he has noticed that persons who have lived in the US for a while, whether for work or other reasons, have also been applying exemptions to return home.

But, he said priority will be given to those nationals who applied back in March.