Duke: “Stop killing black boys!”

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Duke: “Stop killing black boys!”

Progressive Democratic Patriots (PDP) leader Watson Duke has called for the killing of black youths to stop.
Duke was speaking in a Facebook live video on Monday after fiery protests disrupted traffic and work in several areas around Port of Spain.

Angry residents of East Port of Spain were protesting the police killing of two 17 years olds and a 21 year old in a car near Independence Square early Saturday morning. Residents claimed the three were innocent and denied allegations that they shot at police.
The three were among six occupants of a car which was allegedly involved in a high-speed chase and confrontation with police after a party in Cocorite.

Duke said that enough was enough and he was going to what he could to address the issue.
He accused the Prime Minister of living luxuriously abroad while the poor continued to suffer here at home.