Family trapped inside a collapsed house rescued by officers

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Family trapped inside a collapsed house rescued by officers

Heroic Actions in the Dark Save Three Lives

A combination of pure physical strength, teamwork and determination led to the rescue of three women by officers of the Southern Division’s Emergency Patrol Unit (SD-ERP) and a relative, from a collapsed house in the Barrackpore district early yesterday morning.

The drama unfolded around 3 am on Sunday 28th November, 2022, when officers, PCs Meah and Ramlogan responded to a report of persons trapped inside a collapsed house at Ramai Trace, Congo Village.

Upon arrival at the location, the officers encountered little to no visibility as a result of the dark and heavy rainfall. They were informed by one Kevin Ramkaran, that three of his female relatives, ages 51, 36 and 21, were trapped under the collapsed roof.

Communication was made with the Southern Division Operational Command Centre and assistance from the Fire and Ambulance services was requested.

PCs Meah and Ramlogan immediately sprang into action with the aid of Mr. Ramkaran, working in the dark and rain to effect a rescue.

PC Meah proceeded to lift the collapsed roof, while PC Ramlogan and Mr. Ramkaran propped it up with pieces of wood. They then called out to the victims, one of whom was pinned between a wall and a bed. PC Meah, pushed the wall and propped it with his body while PC Ramlogan and Mr. Ramkaran pulled the victim to safety. She had sustained minor injuries to her leg.

The officers then used a sledgehammer to destroy another wall, behind which they found the second trapped victim. She was taken from the structure unharmed.

PC Meah and Mr. Ramkaran then proceeded to another side of the structure where they observed an electricity line lying on the roof.

They cautiously broke through a wall and crawled inside where they found the third victim bleeding from the head. She was taken out of the structure on the back of Mr. Ramkaran, while PC Meah cleared a path through the debris and led them to safety.

The Fire and Ambulance services arrived shortly after and the three victims were treated.

Insp. Saunders, W/Sgt. Morgan and PC Meah, made a follow-up visit to the scene this morning to meet with the victims, who expressed their heartfelt thanks and gratitude to the officers for their life-saving actions.

Acting Commissioner of Police McDonald Jacob has praised the selfless and heroic actions of the officers and says they are worthy of commendation. He urges all officers and other front-line responders to exercise safety and precaution as they respond to calls for help from members of the public affected by the ongoing adverse weather conditions.