10 to stand trial for Dana’s murder 6 years after her death

10 to stand trial for Dana’s murder 6 years after her death

The ten men who are accused of murdering senior attorney Dana Seetahal SC will stand trial.

Referring to the proceedings as a “landmark case” the judge read out the ten committals to the men who appeared in Court virtually.

Following closing statements from the defence and testimony given by Acting Commissioner of Prisons Dennis Pulchan for one of the accused, the judge gave committal orders.

Copies of the documents will be delivered to the men.

The accused are Rajaee Ali, Devaughn Cummings, Ishmael Ali, Ricardo Stewart, Earl Richards, Gareth Wiseman, Hamid Ali, Kevin Parkinson, Leston Gonzales, Roget Boucher.

Rajaee Ali, a former LifeSport coordinator will also stand trial as a gang leader.

He was granted bail of $300,000 for that charge.

All the others were also charged with being members of a gang during the period March 14, 2014 – July 24, 2015.

In December 2017, one of the accused, Stephan Cummings, was discharged following the DPP’s decision to discontinue proceedings under section 90(c) of the Constitution.

Cummings became a state witness against the accused and was instead charged with conspiracy to murder.

Seetahal was shot dead on May 4, 2014, in Woodbrook while on her way home.