Consultations ongoing for checkered band maxi-taxi system

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Consultations ongoing for checkered band maxi-taxi system

Public consultations are set to continue as the Ministry of Works and Transport seeks to introduce a checkered banks maxi taxi system for rural areas.

The ministry, according to a Facebook post, said the consultations will help the public “learn more about the development and provision of a safe, reliable, effective, efficient and fully integrated” system that will meet travel and transport needs in suburban and rural communities.

The first consultation was held on April 5 at the Bon Air West Community Facility at which the areas of Lopinot and Caura were discussed.

Senior communications officer at the ministry Gina-Marie Guy, in a Newsday interview, said there was a good turnout which included members of the community, taxi drivers who work there and councillors.

Guy said in addition to physical consultations, virtual ones will be held with maxi taxi associations, the public sector and the private sector.

The next public consultation will be held on Sunday at 2pm at the Blanchisseuse Community Centre.

Other locations to be included in consultations are Toco and Chaguanas/Tabaquite.

Chairman of the Route One Maxi-Taxi Association Eon Hewitt said drivers made this suggestion since 2014.
“We have been going through a lot of meetings with the ministry and I am looking forward to the rest because this is something we wanted for a long time.”