Yuh Want Some Sorrel aWO? Angostura Launches it’s New Sorrel Rum

It’s Christmas time again and NO, you’re not imagining things. Angostura has added a limited edition ‘sorrel’ flavoured to its White Oak Rum, available in 750ml from today, as it seeks to ramp up its flavoured expressions for the season.

White Oak’s Sorrel Flavoured Rum is the latest introduction, as the global demand for flavoured rums continues to rise.

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Executive Manager of Corporate Services and Marketing Rahim Mohammed says many people equate sorrel with end of year celebrations, and they saw it appropriate to release this flavour at this time.

The aroma of the new Sorrel Flavoured Rum will incorporate floral notes with hints of sorrel infused with cinnamon and clove and will have a mellow taste with a balance of sweet and rumminess.

Are you interested in having a taste?