Young accuses newspaper of irresponsible journalism and misleading the public

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Young accuses newspaper of irresponsible journalism and misleading the public

Energy Minister and Minister in the Office of the Prime Minister, Stuart Young has slammed the Express newspaper for an editorial dated today titled ‘Bring it, Mr Young.’

The newspaper said Minister Young had a penchant for innuendo and conspiracy theories and that he claimed there was mischief afoot in their reporting of a disruption in the gas supply resulting from problems at bpTT.

The editorial stated that this is not the first, nor even the second or third time that this minister has attempted to undermine news reporting related to energy matters.

They said Young’s first heavyweight assignment from the prime minister was to investigate a number of cases of corruption allegedly committed by Cabinet members of the People’s Partnership government. “An extensive public investment has been made in that investigation. The fact that there has been little movement on them is not, in itself, an indictment. Corruption investigations and the building of a case can take years, especially in T&T. However, in the absence of any prosecution, Minister Young opted to regale the faithful from political platforms with aspersions, innuendo and allegations against unnamed persons.”

However, in a statement this morning, Young said, “It is very convenient for the Express Newspaper in its editorial today to ignore the following decision of the High Court dated August 6, 2020.
This 122 page decision essentially established that the State’s case for “serious acts of dishonesty” brought against a number of defendants (whose names are identified here) should proceed as there was sufficient evidence to have a case to answer.

He said the State, via EMBD, “intends to prove at trial that [the] parties were knowingly involved in a number of tortious acts, including unlawful means conspiracy, bribery, and dishonest assistance.” This case is the part of the work that was done post September 2015 to unearth and pursue corruption.

“In this decision, the High Court Judge dismissed the applications to strike out the claims being made and basically held that there was sufficient grounds and evidence to proceed to trial.

Young said: “The Express editorial of today’s date conveniently ignores this high court action and decision which is simply one example of irresponsible journalism and yet another example of intentional attempts by some to mislead the public whilst personalizing and muddying important issues.”

“I leave it up to the civic minded reader and citizen to draw their own conclusions as to the reasons for the Express’ actions.”

“What I have said with respect to the energy sector and persons with agendas carrying certain narratives for reward, I do not say lightly. I am always very careful as to what I tell the public and I assure the population that I carry out my duty without fear or favour, malice or ill will.”