Xodus mas band launches ‘Mas Couture’ for Jamaica 2024

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Xodus mas band launches ‘Mas Couture’ for Jamaica 2024

Fashion couture met Caribbean Carnival stylings at 36 Hope Road in Kingston, Jamaica recently and transformed the venue into a spectacular runway, as leading mas band Xodus Carnival debuted its 2024 theme and costumes. The ‘Mas Couture’ themed presentation revealed a scintillating slideshow of Carnival costumes inspired by various notable fashion eras over time.

Svelte, sexy and social media-saavy Xodus girls strutted the runway to showcase the fabulous ‘Mas Couture’ themed costumes, inclusive of 13 different costume options – all covered in gems, chains and brightly coloured feathers, backpacks and headpieces. Produced and delivered by a number of local and international designers, the costumes bear the names of the fashion era from which their inspiration came. These include: Pop, Rave, Boho, Disco Gothic, Cyber Punk, Roaring 20’s, Art Deco, Flower Power and Hollywood Glam.

Xodus Carnival’s CEO, Pierre Goubault was a reflection of pure joy as he shared his opinion that “This year’s costumes are the best costumes Xodus has ever produced!”

CEO of Xodus Carnival, Pierre Goubault is sandwiched by Xodus Girls, Monique (left) showcasing a costume from the “Gothic” section and Annaleax in Lila Nikole’s “Rococo” at the Xodus Band Launch.

“We are excited for Carnival 2024,” he added, “and our intention is to ensure that our masqueraders are pleased and comfortable with our packages. We have a lot more in store as the carnival season gets underway, with events happening every month leading up to road march day.”
The Jamaican parade of bands is referred to as their Road March. Xodus’ VIP experience, Envy, boasts the Hippie, Regency and Victorian costume eras. Additionally, for the first time in the band’s history, male costumes were presented as part of the Art Deco and Regency sections. The 13 costumes presented featured designs that are accommodating to all body types, thus also fostering inclusivity in the Carnival experience.

Nicole Foster, a female patron, expressed her satisfaction with the presentation, stating that: “The costumes this year are fantastic! I love the idea of combining fashion eras with carnival costumes, it’s different and I think they are definitely a hit!”

Emmy-Award Winning Wardrobe and Costume Consultant, Designer and Carnival lover, Lila Nikole expressed great enthusiasm over the launch and gratitude to the Xodus Carnival team. She said:
“Jamaica carnival was my first Carnival experience, and I’ve fallen in love ever since. I spend a lot of time in JA and have made some amazing memories here. I’ve been with my Xodus family for over 6 years and Carnival with my team has always been vibes! I’m excited to have my own private section this year and share some experiences known and recognized by our brand followers and fans!”

The ‘Mas Couture’ themed costumes are now available for preview online at www.xoduscarnival.com, where masqueraders can view and pay deposits for the costume of their choice. Next up for the band is Xodus Remedy ‘Glow Edition’ Mini Road March on November 25, 2023 at the National Stadium in Kingston, Jamaica.

(courtesy OvertimeTT)