Woman gets three years for killing friend and stealing baby

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Woman gets three years for killing friend and stealing baby

A woman was sentenced to three years and 11 months for her role in the death of her friend, and the subsequent abduction of her baby.

Kerry-Ann Hosang, who was 23-years-old at the time, paid two men to threaten her friend, Reena Kissoon at her La Horquetta home in 2005. Hosang claimed that Kissoon owed her $5,000 and was reluctant to repay the debt. Hosang, who had miscarried three times in the past, made arrangements with Kissoon to take her baby until she could repay her debt. But, the arrangement was never finalised.

On the morning of September 1st, 2005, Hosang allowed two men to enter Kissoon’s home in Phase 7, La Horquetta having spent the night at her friend’s home on the Independence holiday. Hosang claimed the plan was to threaten her friend. Instead, one of the men stabbed Hosang in her neck before they both dragged her to a back room and killed her.

Hosang said that she tried to stop the men during the attack but was stabbed on her middle finger and was beaten. She then took the baby and left the apartment. She paid the men $2300 for the job.

Yesterday, Hosang was finally sentenced for the crime after being detained for 14 years. She had been on trial once before in July 2010 but a retrial was ordered because of a hung jury.

The judge issued a 29-year jail term for Hosang but removed two years for mitigating factors. She also considered the 14 years and 18 days Hosang had spent in jail awaiting another trial date. In delivering her sentence, the judge ordered Hosang to continue her treatment with the prison’s psychologist- Hosang had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. She was also ordered to participate in the Life Skills programme at the women’s prison in Arouca.