What you’ve missed! – Gallery of protests in PoS

What you’ve missed! – Gallery of protests in PoS

Protest action in and around environs of Port-of-Spain, which stemmed from the killing of three men from Jumans Drive in Morvant on Saturday 27th June, made the Capital City appear to be a mini war zone, trapped in the Middle East.

While the Commissioner of Police, Gary Griffith in a media release this afternoon gave the assurance that the recent incident involving the death of three men in Morvant, is being thoroughly investigated, there was nation-wide public outcry by different communities to put an end to police killings.

Both the TTPS and the PCA have launched investigations into the incident.

However until that time, the CoP said he no criminal element can, or would be allowed to use this incident as an excuse to break the law.

Commissioner Griffith said the TTPS remains in full control, and would continue to monitor, survey, and be fully operational under Red Alert, to prevent any criminal element from attempting to destabilize the nation.

Here’s a quick look of several videos taken by citizens during a number of protests at different locations in Port-of-Spain.