Webster – Roy extremely saddened by video of woman kicking child

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Webster – Roy extremely saddened by video of woman kicking child

Minister with responsibility for Gender and Child Affairs Ayanna Webster – Roy stated that she’s extremely saddened by the recent video circulating of a child being brutally abused by an adult female.

Police are investigating the video in which a woman is seen kicking the young child to the ground at a property in Central Trinidad.

Reports indicate that the woman as well as a close female relative of the child has been arrested and the child, who was injured in the incident, was taken for medical treatment.

Webster – Roy strongly urged parents, guardians and caretakers to reach out and seek the necessary support services that will help families to cope and overcome challenges being experienced on a day to day basis.

Via a release she appealed to families not to wait as any delays in seeking support are likely to lead to undesirable outcomes.

She said reaching out for help is a critical step in preventing unwanted consequences.

The Minister emphatically stated that there is absolutely no excuse for any form of abuse of a child.

She also extend gratitude and commendation to the persons who highlighted and brought this matter to the attention of the relevant authorities which ensured swift and decisive action by the relevant agencies that resulted in the child being taken into care and provided with urgent medical and other care services.

She assured the public that all resources of the state will be made available to the affected child to ensure full recovery and as the matter continues to be investigated, the adult female is also receiving the attention of the appropriate authorities.

Families, and the general public by extension, are reminded that they can report and seek support from the relevant authorities, including the National Family Services Division at 623-2608 (ext. 6701-6711), Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (999), the CHILDREN’S AUTHORITY HOTLINE (996 or 800-2014) or CHILDLINE 131 or 800-4321.

In addressing matters of domestic based violence, call the NATIONAL DOMESTIC VIOLENCE HOTLINE 800-SAVE (7283) or Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (999).