Water flowing through the taps again in Penal

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Water flowing through the taps again in Penal

After residents of Penal staged a fiery protest over their lack of water on Friday, WASA’s Chief Executive Officer Kelvin Romaine said WASA is ramping up to maximum production on the south line.

Speaking to media, he noted that there was a power issue at the Caroni Water Treatment Plant which negatively affected customers in the extreme areas, including Penal.

Romaine said that the power issues at the plant had resulted in a 50 per cent drop in production but noted that WASA has been working with T&TEC to have the matter resolved.

From as early 5am, the residents blocked the road along Olivere Drive and Clarke Road, calling on the authority to return their water now.
The residents said they had been without pipe-borne water for more than a month.