WATCH | Cardi B naked and afraid while undergoing laser hair removal

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WATCH | Cardi B naked and afraid while undergoing laser hair removal

Cardi B fans got quite the show when the “Up” rapper went for a recent laser hair removal procedure that she documented along the way.

Taking to her Instagram Story on Thursday (June 15), Bardi could be seen naked inside of a New York City-based clinic as she shared her apprehension for the appointment.

“It’s time to laser my whole body because baby, I told y’all, I’m a hairy bitch,” she said. “But I keep it under control. I’m so scared.

“We trying to keep that booty hole brown only, you know what I’m saying?” she added. “Sometimes it can get a little dark up close.”

The session arrived just after Cardi B was awarded $350,000 by a judge from the man that accused her of using his likeness on her Gangsta Bitch Music Vol. 1 mixtape back in 2016 without his permission.

According to Law & Crime reporter Meghann Cuniff, U.S. District Judge Cormac made the ruling on Monday (June 12) after nearly a year of litigation between the Bronx rap star and plaintiff Kevin Michael Brophy Jr.

Brophy also voluntarily withdrew his motion for a new trial and waived any future efforts for an appeal under a new agreement filed in federal court, bringing an end to the long-running dispute.

“The parties now have reached an agreement avoiding the necessity of Defendants’ motion for attorney’s fees and application to tax costs and Plaintiff’s New Trial Motion,” the filing read.

The $350,000 will be used to cover Cardi’s attorney fees, although Cuniff speculates that it most likely falls short of the full sum as the rapper hired “one of the top music copyright lawyers in the country.”

Cardi B was first sued by Brophy back in 2017 over her Gangsta Bitch Music Vol. 1 cover, which showed her sat in the back of a limousine with a male model kneeling in front of her, appearing to perform oral sex. Brophy claimed Cardi had used his back tattoo and likeness without his permission.

In October 2022, the Invasion of Privacy hitmaker was victorious in court after a jury tossed out Brophy’s accusations following a four-day trial. It was determined that Cardi B’s mixtape cover did not violate Brophy’s rights to privacy.

Brophy was seeking $5 million in damages for not only the unauthorized use of the photo, but the embarrassment he claims the “raunchy” image caused.