WASA worker wounded in Belmont shooting

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WASA worker wounded in Belmont shooting

Police are trying to determine the motive behind the shooting of a 42-year-old WASA employee in Belmont, Wednesday night.

Around 7:25pm, the victim, who lives at Belle Eau Road, Belmont, was reportedly standing in front of a shop on Upper St Barb’s Road, Belmont, when a car stopped and two gunmen alighted and began firing at him.

The gunmen escaped in their waiting vehicle.

The victim ran to his car and drove himself to the Belmont Police Station where he reported the matter and was later taken to hospital by officers.

He was treated for gunshot wounds to the stomach, right forearm, and right lower leg – and was warded in a critical but stable condition.

A total of eight 5.56 mm spent shells, eight 9 mm spent shells, and two projectile fragments were recovered at the scene.