Dumas calls for ‘officials’ in THA propaganda audio clip to demit office

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Dumas calls for ‘officials’ in THA propaganda audio clip to demit office

Former Public Service Association head Reginald Dumas is demanding that heads roll, if the voices in a leaked audio clip are indeed those of the sitting Tobago House of Assembly members that everyone thinks.

In the audio clip, a male and female are heard discussing hiring persons under the THA to spread propaganda on behalf of the new Tobago People Party.

Speaking in an interview on I95FM yesterday, Dumas said if the dialogue did occur, then the persons involved should demit office.

“If it can be shown that this conversation took place between two members of the Executive Council, then resignations are clearly called for. It will go beyond resignations and call for elections.“

Dumas added that the allegations being made about the conversation in the voice note were tantamount to corruption.

“It suggested that some arrangement was been talked about to use taxpayers’ money in order to advance political interest and I want to hope that I did not hear correctly because that would be corruption,” Dumas said.

THA Chief Secretary Farley Augustine has yet to comment on the audio, along with any members of his team.

PNM Tobago Council chairman Ancil Dennis said the party will host a media conference today to address the matter.

Listen to the audio here: