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WASA Chrm criticises traditional, social media for criticising, spreading misinfo on WASA workers

WASA Chairman Ravindra Nanga is condemning those in traditional and social media who criticised, and in some cases spread misinformation about WASA workers who repaired the ruptured 48-inch pipeline last week.

In a letter sent to the media he said that it is unfortunate that two daily newspapers opted to by-pass the facts and criticize all the faceless WASA workers who, in the face of unforeseen and unprecedented circumstances, did everything within their power, working through sleepless nights, to address the crisis and get water back into people’s homes as quickly as possible

Nanga said what’s worse were the individuals who took to social media to deliberately spread misinformation and, in some cases, blatant falsehoods, all in an attempt to discredit WASA and the hard-working engineers and technicians, who were busily at work restoring the water for their very critics.

Nanga said workers eventually discovered that a 48-inch concrete-encased steel pipe, which had been laid in the mid-1970s, had in fact imploded.

The WASA Chairman said officials worked hard to keep the public notified.

He said complications developed as during exploratory works, an extensive truss block supporting the concrete-encased steel pipe was discovered in the area of the Surge Tank.

He explained this has complicated the replacement process, and it is now necessary to re-route the new pipeline, as any work in the area of the truss block, risks rupturing the current pipeline and once again cutting off supply. WASA is taking all steps to avoid any new damage to the existing pipeline.”

He said WASA is currently mapping the new route to ensure that it is acceptable and excavation and fabrication works will commence shortly.