Voluntary Recall: Blood Pressure Medication Diltiazem Hydrochloride

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Voluntary Recall: Blood Pressure Medication Diltiazem Hydrochloride

There is a voluntary recall of diltiazem hydrochloride capsules for high blood pressure by its manufacturer Sun Pharma.

This specific product is not registered for use in Trinidad and Tobago but was identified as supplied to the US market only.

However, out of an abundance of caution, the Ministry advises persons who may be in possession of any of the recalled drug with the listed batch numbers to discontinue use immediately and to return the products to the place of purchase where possible.

This is revealed by the Ministry of Health via its Chemistry, Food and Drug Division.

In a media release on Thursday, the Ministry said a batch of the drug failed stability and dissolution testing at a US Food and Drug Association laboratory.

The medication is manufactured by Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Limited at its Halol-Baroda manufacturing site in Gujurat, India.

The Batch Number Expiry Date

HAC3120A 04/2023

HAC3121A 04/2023

HAC4460A 10/2023

HAD0365A 12/2023

HAD1452A 02/2024

Additional Information can be obtained by contacting the Office of the Director of the Chemistry, Food and Drugs Division at 623-5242 or by emailing [email protected].

The Ministry of Health will continue to monitor the situation and advise the population as necessary.