Viral debate: Is $200 enough to date a woman in T&T?

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Viral debate: Is $200 enough to date a woman in T&T?

T&T TikTok sparked a viral debate online – whether or not a man can take a woman out on a date with $200TT.

Several persons on social media have been up in arms over the cost of a date, and the levels with which it a man ought to go for a first date and the type of woman he should seek out.

Women also joined the debate, by suggesting that if a man only has $200 to use on a date, he should find someone suitable to match his pocket.

While others have said that some women request too much from men during the dating phase – this as money spent on a date should be done equally and not the sole responsibility of the man.

What is a date? 

According to Cambridge University online, the meaning of a date or dating someone is a social meeting planned before it happens; especially one between two people who have or might have a romantic relationship.