President commends Muslims and said their virtues and behavior should be embraced

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President commends Muslims and said their virtues and behavior should be embraced

President Paula-Mae Weekes said the jubilation, virtues, attitudes and behaviours exhibited by the Muslim faith should be embraced and embodied.
She also commended the Muslim community for its resilience over the past two years in adhering to the covid19 guidelines as they practised their faith.

In her Eid-Ul-Fitr message, she said the celebration usually occasions great joy and relief for those who have successfully completed their sawm, and this year coincided with the long-awaited emergence of the national community from the loss, disruption and misery of the covid19 pandemic.

“After two consecutive years of muted and modified Eid observances, Muslims can now meet in masjids and common spaces to reconnect with one another and engage in prayers of thanksgiving.

“The family and community spirit at the heart of Eid is in full swing, and the rest of the nation joins enthusiastically with our Muslim brothers and sisters in the festivities and excitement.”

“I was heartened to witness their commitment to Islamic tenets and principles as they translated faith into action, followed all health protocols, extended charity and goodwill to those hard-hit by the pandemic and showed true solidarity with their fellow citizens and the wider national cause to overcome the covid19 scourge.

“The self-discipline and public spiritedness of devout Muslims are demonstrable lessons in good citizenship, and we can all be inspired by their sterling example.”

She added that the qualities displayed played a part in returning to semi-normalcy, and quoted Holy Qur’an, which stated, “And be patient, for indeed, Allah does not allow to be lost the reward of those who do good.”

Weekes warned that as the nation moved away from crisis and resumed traditions and practices, the covid19 health guidelines should not be taken for granted.