Vermont officials searching for mystery poop dumper

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Vermont officials searching for mystery poop dumper

Officials in Vermont are searching for the person responsible for dumping dozens of garbage bags filled with human excrement in a forest.

Volunteers cleaning a wooded area in Bolton, Vermont discovered 400 pounds of feces and toilet paper in garbage bags tossed into the woods next to a major road.

According to officials, some of the bags had been ripped open by animals and their contents spread onto nearby properties.

Ten volunteers spent hours cleaning up the mess but throughout the summer, the dumping has continued.

Officials say they are not looking to prosecute whoever left the bags, they just want the dumping to stop, and for whoever’s responsible to receive help.

They suspect whoever is doing the dumping has a failed septic system and want to help them apply for the state program which helps low and middle-income residents replace failed septic systems.

A new septic system in Vermont can cost up to $40,000 US.

The program covers up to $20,000 for residents. More than 1,000 people have applied for help and the state is now handing out $3 million in funding to residents.