UPDATE: Burke given ‘something’ that left him numb

UPDATE: Burke given ‘something’ that left him numb

According to a pre-action protocol letter submitted to the Ministry of Health, Cedric ‘Burkie’ Burke was given something that made him uneasy before he died.

Burke died at the Couva Hospital last Friday from complications of the Covid-19 virus.

His family sent a pre-action protocol letter to the Ministry on Saturday asking for his medical records in order to complete their own investigation and conduct an independent autopsy.

In the letter sent to the Ministry of Health, one of the attorneys noted that Burke had been given something that left him feeling unwell.

“I am further instructed that Mr Burke had a conversation with his business partner around 9 a.m. wherein Mr Burke indicated to him that he felt numb as a result of something that was administered to him. The aforementioned raises suspicion as to the cause of death.”

On Monday, Burke’s attorney received the medical reports from the Couva Hospital and the Port-of-Spain General Hospital but they are still awaiting those from the Arima General Hospital which are expected today.

Once all the reports are received, the family will determine if an autopsy is required.