UNC Youth Arm demands immediate payment of stipends owed to OJT’s

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UNC Youth Arm demands immediate payment of stipends owed to OJT’s

The UNC National Youth Arm is raising its voice in a resounding call for justice following what they say is the Minister of Labor Stephen Mc Clashie’s abandonment of OJT (On-the-Job Training) trainees and the subsequent delay in stipend payments,

In a release, the National Youth Arm demands the immediate payment of stipends owed to OJT trainees, who have been left in financial distress due to the gross negligence of the PNM Government.

They said: “It is both disheartening and infuriating that the Minister of Labor, who should be championing the rights and well-being of OJTs, has callously ignored their plight.”

“The reports received by the UNC National Youth Arm regarding the non-payment of stipends, a week past the scheduled due date, expose the Minister’s complete disregard for the struggles faced by these hardworking individuals seeking to gain practical experience and contribute to society.”

The UNC National Youth Arm echoes the frustration and disappointment felt by OJT trainees who have been left in dire financial circumstances as a result of Minister Mc Clashie’s incompetence. The delay in stipend payments is a clear reflection of the government’s lack of empathy and failure to prioritize the needs of its people.

They said technical issues or not, OJTs should not be made to suffer the consequences of the government’s inefficiency.

The UNC Youth Arm said the Prime Minister’s statements about “wanting his money” while trainees are left in financial turmoil demonstrate a complete disconnect from the reality faced by OJTs. It is time for Minister Mc Clashie to take immediate action and rectify this grave injustice.

The UNC National Youth Arm stands united with OJT trainees and calls upon the PNM Government to honor its commitments and fulfill its responsibility to these hardworking individuals. Trainees should not be left at the mercy of a government that fails to prioritize their well-being and future prospects.

The UNC National Youth Arm demands that Minister Mc Clashie and the PNM Government:
1.Immediately process and disburse all outstanding stipend payments owed to OJT trainees for the May pay cycle.
2.Provide a transparent and detailed explanation of the causes of the delay, holding accountable those responsible for this gross mismanagement.
3.Implement robust measures to ensure that stipend payments are made on time in the future, preventing further financial hardships for OJTs.

“OJT trainees deserve fair treatment, timely stipend payments, and a government that genuinely cares about their well-being.” The UNC National Youth Arm will not rest until justice is served, and the rights of OJT trainees are uphtheld.