UNC condemns recent statements made by Pundit Satyanand Maharaj

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UNC condemns recent statements made by Pundit Satyanand Maharaj

The United National Congress has unilaterally condemned the recent comments of Pundit Satyanand Maharaj.

“I say that boldly, they are products of a failed education system, they are products of failed parenting…the miscreants of the East-West Corridor who feel that what you have belongs to them…even if the statistic say three were killed in Charlo Village and one was killed here, they all have the same complexion, they all come from the same ethnic group,” he said during a media conference to address crime in Aranguez yesterday.

The Party has firmly stated that it does not in any way agree with or support the comments made by the Pundit in Aranguez on Wednesday.

Speaking with News Power Now this morning United National Congress PRO Kirk Meighoo stated that while the Party does has very strong and specific views on criminality in Trinidad and Tobago, it does not share the views of Pundit Maharaj.

However in response, Pundit Maharaj said he was unconcerned about what the UNC had to say regarding his comments.

He derided the party and claimed that he has distanced himself from them also.