UN Coordinator calls for partnership in United Nations Day message


UN Coordinator calls for partnership in United Nations Day message

Member states of the United Nations (UN) will commemorate the 75th anniversary of UN Day today, October 24.

This is the day back in 1945 when the UN Charter came into force.

The Charter immortalised ideals that have stood the test of time as the blueprint for peace, prosperity and progress: the equality of nations large and small, human rights, the equality of men and women and the enduring value of cooperation between nations.

The last 75 years have seen remarkable changes in the progress of our planet, but the journey is not over; in fact, it just took a different turn.

This UN milestone comes at a time when the globe was hit by a crisis unlike any in our lifetimes.

The COVID-19 pandemic has cut through our lives and our communities. It has demonstrated, more than ever, the importance of working together.

According to Marina Walter, the UN’s Resident Coordinator to Trinidad and Tobago, our journey with the UN started within weeks of the country gaining independence in 1962.

She said, “Since then, the UN has been a partner in the growth and development of T&T which has become a high-income country with one of the strongest economies in the Caribbean, and a distinguished member of the UN.”

“The global pandemic means now, more than ever, it is imperative we partner together to work on the underlying root causes of gender violence, to support farmers on rejuvenating agricultural production for better food security and to promote renewable energy for a more resilient and sustainable way of living.”

Walter said as partners, the UN stands ready to continue to support Trinidad and Tobago in these next crucial years as it responds to the pandemic, builds a strong recovery, combats increasing climate vulnerabilities and implements the Sustainable Development Goals for sustainable economic growth, social inclusion, and environmental protection.

She said, “On this landmark UN Day, we celebrate with you, T&T!”