Two dead in police sting operation in Barataria

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Two dead in police sting operation in Barataria

Two men are now dead following a shootout with police officers during a TTPS sting operation.

An Express report states that three men pretending to have a car for sale, tried robbing their buyers who turned out to be police officers.

The incident took place today in Barataria just after noon today.

Two of the bandits have been prounced dead while the third person who was shot is still alive.

All three were shot by the police during the confrontation.

Further reports state that officers have been investigating a string of robberies involving suspects pretending to sell vehicles and robbing the buyers when they show up.

Officers of the Northern Division set up a sting operation around Tenth Avenue, Barataria, where they responded to an advertisement for a Nissan B-13 for sale.

When the officers pretending to be the buyers arrived, they were met by armed men.

The two dead men are reportedly from Never Dirty, Morvant.