PNM says they are always ready to take care of Tobago – THA Elections in 2021

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PNM says they are always ready to take care of Tobago – THA Elections in 2021

“PNM is always ready to take care of Tobago.”

Sentiments expressed by PNM Tobago Council Leader, Tracy Davidson-Celestine, as the Tobago House of Assembly (THA) was prorogued on Tuesday 17th November, in preparation for the upcoming THA Elections, which is due in 2021.

This was the 42nd Plenary Sitting of the THA 2017-2021 Session which ends the life of the Assembly in its current composition.

THA Chief Secretary, Ancil Dennis, made the announcement Tuesday in Scarborough, but did not give an exact date of when the election will be held.

Speaking on the next step for the People’s National Movement, Tracey Davidson-Celestine said “the PNM is also evolving along with the island, adapting and changing to the new norms and new demands of leadership and administration. This is when 64 years of party experience comes to the fore. We have weathered the storm with Tobago through thick and thin.”

Davidson-Celestine is the first PNM female political rep for Tobago.

The party already announced its 12 candidates for the upcoming elections and they are already on the road walking their electoral districts.

The candidates selected by the screening committee are:

1. Parlatuvier/L’Anse Fourmi/Speyside – Rory Dillon

2. Roxborough/Delaford – Neil Beckles

3. Black Rock/Whim/Spring Garden – Kelvon Morris

4. Lambeau/Signal Hill -Tracy Davidson-Celestine

5. Bacolet/Mt. St George – Joel Jack

6. Scarborough/Calder Hall – Marslyn Melville-Jack

7. Providence/Mason Hall/Moriah – Kwesi Des Vignes

8. Belle Garden/Goodwood – Boxil Bailey

9. Plymouth/Golden Lane – Melissa James Guy

10. Canaan/Bon Accord – Clarence Jacob

11. Bethel/Mt. Irvine – Shomari Hector

12. Buccoo/ Mt. Pleasant – Ancil Dennis