TTIT says T&T Spirit not being held for ransom

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TTIT says T&T Spirit not being held for ransom

The T&T Inter-Island Transport Company (TTIT) is denying allegations that the crew of the T&T Spirit had been abandoned at sea with no means of relief.

The claim came from UNC MP Davedranath Tancoo, who alleged that the ship had been drydocked while hitched to another vessel out at sea for a prolonged period due to Government’s inability pay for repairs that had been completed several days ago.

In a statement, TTIT says the T&T Spirit has completed its major out of water works and will continue its remaining repairs in the water.

The T&T Spirit is currently atop the M.V. White Marlin at CARIDOC awaiting to be un-berthed.

To un-berth, the White Marlin had to be removed to anchorage where it will be submerged to about 16m to float off the T&T Spirit.

TTIT says this procedure began around 1pm on Thursday and will take about 16 hours to complete.

It says the crew on the vessel is aware of the operations involving its un-berthing and have been provided with the necessary supplies for all personnel on board.

It also insisted that all payments for the operations on the M.V. White Marlin have been made to the Ship’s agent.

TTIT also states that drydocking works to the APT James and the Buccoo Reef have been completed.