Indarsingh says tragic arson attack highlights gov’t failure on crime and security

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Indarsingh says tragic arson attack highlights gov’t failure on crime and security

Couva South MP, Rudranath Indarsingh said he feels a sense of terror at the arson attack which was recently committed against the Foster family in the Exchange Housing Development.

The Exchange Housing Development falls in his constituency of Couva South.

In a release, Indarsingh said the death of Tyrone Stephon Foster, who succumbed to his injuries as a result of the arson attack and the death of Lester Foster who succumbed to his injuries at the San Fernando General Hospital is a harrowing indication of the extent to which crime and violence have grown in Couva and the country under the Rowley-led administration and under National Security Minister Fitzgerald Hinds.

“It is an abysmal disgrace that after nine (9) years in Government, Housing Minister Camille Robinson-Regis is only now speaking about security against crime in HDC areas.

Since this Government’s last promise to install fire escapes in HDC homes, we are yet to see full materialization of that necessary initiative.”

Indarsingh added that the deaths of Lester and Tyrone Foster come even as Minister Hinds held a press conference recently, attempting to lie outright about the national security situation, hoping that we would ignore the reality around us and believe his “canal water” narrative that he and PM Rowley have crime under control.

He said, “While Fitzgerald Hinds can fool his political diehards and apologists, the rest of Couva South and the country remains unsafe, fearful, and the wellbeing of this country has been uncertain because of the impact of the criminal wave that Hinds has allowed to occur.”

According to Indarsingh, “it is reprehensible and counterproductive that Minister Hinds spends his time attacking a former police commissioner rather than attacking criminals.

He asked: “Why has Fitzgerald Hinds allowed crime and criminals to flourish? Is it incompetence? Is it something more? Is this Government allowing criminals to run free across the country for reasons unknown?

“The fear and grief permeating throughout Couva as a result of Tuesday’s arson was exacerbated by another arson attack against Couva business HSM Motors last night.

There was also a robbery of a supermarket in California, which saw a father and his children made to lay on the floor while bandits with guns stole from the cashier.”

Indarsingh said neither private citizen nor corporate citizen is safe under Hinds and Rowley.

“These arson attacks, he said, come after the Opposition revealed that, through its filing of a Freedom of Information (FoI) request at TSTT, the sum of $49,000.00 is being paid monthly for bodyguards for TSTT’s acting Chief Executive Officer, Kent Western.

It is also interesting to note that former CEO Lisa Agard had declined such services at such a cost.”

He said while the business community and families are subjected to attacks, murders and arson by PNM-enabled criminals, friends and family of the PNM are using thousands of taxpayers’ dollars for their own security.

“Never before has there been such inequality and pseudo-elitism in Trinidad and Tobago.”

He said a government led by Kamla Persad-Bissessar will move with haste to make Trinidad and Tobago safe once more, as we did in 2010 when we assumed office.