Trump Says Impeachment Procedure Will Cause “Immense Anger”

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Trump Says Impeachment Procedure Will Cause “Immense Anger”

On Tuesday, outgoing US President, Donald Trump has finally come out to react to reports surrounding his impeachment.

He revealed that any impeachment of his presidency would be “absolutely ridiculous” and said it  would arouse “immense anger” across the United States, before flying to Texas for his first outing since taking the Capitol.

“This is truly the continuation of the greatest witch hunt in history. It’s ridiculous, it’s absolutely ridiculous. This ‘impeachment’ is causing immense anger, “said the US president from the White House gardens.

“I don’t want violence,” he added in his first statement to the press since the January 6th riot, which left five dead and shocked the United States and the world.

With eight days remaining until he leaves power, the Republican president adopted a combative tone, ensuring that his speech to his supporters before the assault on the Capitol was “totally appropriate”, and denouncing the “catastrophic error” of social networks, such as Twitter and Facebook, by suspending his account, accusing him of inciting violence.

In the midst of a political storm, the president met on Monday with his vice president, Mike Pence, who, it seems, has decided to make a common front with the president before the Democrats, rejecting requests to remove Trump from power by invoking the 25th Amendment of the Constitution.

An impeachment procedure is also being prepared in Congress that would go down in history and is likely to mortgage the possible political future of Trump, who could become the first president of the United States to be indicted twice in a political trial.

The House of Representatives will consider the impeachment on Wednesday and is expected to vote on it that same day.