Trinidad & Tobago least compliant in many stay home and social distancing measures.

(The red on the graph represents Trinidad and Tobago)

Trinidad & Tobago has been least compliant in many measures related to restrictions instituted by the government when compared to Jamaica, Barbados, the Bahamas and Antigua and Barbuda, This according to a Google maps snapshot taken on April 04th 2020. The snapshot shows movement of people and given an indication of the movement or lack thereof in any of the countries.

This is important for governments to ascertain because a significant element in the public health messaging is to practice social distancing and, in some cases, social isolation.

What this baseline data shows is that Trinidad is the least compliant in this area: They are staying home less than their regional counterparts and appear to be still at work. It should be noted that the proportion of those who stayed at home, in all markets, did not increase significantly which is a reflection of Government measures. Barbados, The Bahamas and Antigua & Barbuda were markedly down in attendance at work. Even though the Trinidadians had a good time for Carnival, they are still at the lower end of the reduction curve in the use of the parks (only Antigua & Barbuda is lower).

With respect to their use of retail and recreation spaces, the Trinidadians have been the slowest to comply. Barbados and The Bahamas are on the other end of the curve. It is possible that because of their disposable income profile and the number of grocery and pharmacy outlets, Trinidadians went against the trend, chalking up an increase in their visits. Every other country had a significant increase. Fascinatingly, the compliance re the use of public transport for all countries, except Jamaica, was bunched together.It should be noted that The Bahamas has taken these measures seriously and their numbers reflect the actions taken by their Government.

Governments can use the data and analysis to determine if messaging and other measures are working or if new possible restrictions need to be implemented.