The Visit Trinidad website cost $250,000

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The Visit Trinidad website cost $250,000

Chairman of Tourism Trinidad Limited (TTL) Howard Chin Lee said “in today’s world where people are looking for authentic experiences and engagement with local communities, the Visit Trinidad website is a menu of indigenous festivals, events and activities.”

Tourism Trinidad Limited (TTL) launched a vivid, user-friendly, redesigned website for Destination Trinidad, called ‘Visit Trinidad’.

Mr. Chin Lee spoke at the launch of the website at the at Hilton Trinidad and Conference Centre this morning.

He said the current COVID-19 pandemic, which the world is learning to adapt to now, created an imbalance with the country’s Tourism sector.


Meanwhile Minister Mitchell disclosed that the website’s new innovation and its user friendly features cost $250,000.

Minister Mitchell speaking with the media after the launch said ‘Visit Trinidad’ saved tax payers a handful of money given the Government’s move to digitization.

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Minister Mitchell said “the Ministry and its agencies are also actively seeking to improve airlift and is in discussion with a number of airlines that have expressed interest in flying to Tobago as well as Trinidad when the world reopens post COVID-19.”

Additionally, the Ministry is maintaining and developing sites and attractions in anticipation of international visitors.”

The Ministry will also be rolling out comprehensive hygiene standards for all stakeholders in every sector of the tourism industry in preparation for the reopening of Trinidad and Tobago’s borders.