‘Vaccine Passports’ Maybe On the Way For Guyana


‘Vaccine Passports’ Maybe On the Way For Guyana

Coronavirus concerns continue to rise worldwide, as many countries grapple to manage its devastating effects, on Wednesday Guyana indicated the chance of presenting a “vaccine passport” as the country’s COVID-19 cases keep on rising.

Guyana’s President Irfaan Ali announced that his government is set up to inspect all methods to manage the pandemic including a “vaccine passport” even with reluctance by certain individuals to get immunized just as the foolishness of others in ridiculing the current wellbeing conventions.

President Ali said “To get back to normalcy, the introduction of a mass vaccination passport is being contemplated by many countries. In fact, we have already seen countries lower entry requirements for vaccinated persons,” Ali told reporters, adding “we here in Guyana will soon have to consider this option”.

“While the public authority is finding a way every way to have everybody immunized, it is the duty of each resident, however not required, to comprehend the significance of inoculation. These immunizations accompany a timeframe of realistic usability, cost for capacity and transportation, which are gigantic and won’t everlastingly be accessible,” he explained.

President Ali publicly condemns individuals who keep on approaching their exercises in a wild way and are spurning the COVID-19 rules, promising that more law implementation authorities would be conveyed to guarantee consistency.

“Regardless of whether you have been vaccinated or not, we must all follow the COVID-19 guidelines. We had hoped that common sense would have prevailed in following the established guidelines but unfortunately it hasn’t. The enforcement, therefore, of these guidelines will be further strengthened and enhanced,” President Ali said.

For the month of April, Guyana recorded 58 COVID-19 related deaths during the pandemic. However, 125,000 people have effectively been vaccinated under the public authority’s progressing immunization program.